Leaders and professionals across all industries report that one of the biggest factors in their success is having a coach.  Coaching can take many forms (including one-on-one coaching, group coaching, masterminds, and as needed formats).  At Finley-RE we focus on three types of coaching:  Productivity Coaching for new real estate agents, Performance Coaching for experience agents, and Transformational Coaching for anyone regardless of industry.


OUR PHILOSOPHY - The Client and the Coach are collaborators. Every client is creative, resourceful, and whole.  This means that the client is not broken and does not need to be "fixed."  She/they/he has the creativity to imagine new possibilities and the resources to carry out that vision to create the outcomes she/they/he desires.  The coach is a guide and there to create an environment where the client can fully explore these new possibilities.

We do not prescribe to the approach that the coach is there to "hold the client accountable." Nor do we believe in a coaching relationship where the client becomes subordinate to the coach and the coach becomes a surrogate boss.  

Productivity Coaching

Our Productivity Coaching  program is designed for real estate agents who have graduated from our JUMPSTART: Training and Coaching for New Agents program and are still in the first year of their careers.  It focuses on helping the client implement what she/he learned in the program.  This is accomplished through weekly coaching sessions around accountability, progress, and business success.  (The coach and client will meet for up to 40 sessions within their first year.)

The client and the coach will set goals for the client's productivity and craft a gameplan to achieve those goals.  

This type of coaching uses both "coaching for performance" techniques and additional training by the coach to help the client achieve their objectives.

A guideline goal of the program would be to have the client close up to 10 transactions within the first 12 months of their career.

Performance Coaching

The Performance Coaching program is designed for experienced agents with a minimum of one year in the business and 10 closed transactions.  Ideally, real estate agents who have graduated our 12 WEEKS TO BREAKTHROUGH program take part in this coaching program.  However, the program is also highly effective for all experienced agents.

The program combines high accountability around business goals along with mindset/transformational coaching techniques.  We use a highly collaborative approach with our clients to provide a space where the client can explore their performance, mindset, and gaps in a creative environment.  The coach and client meet weekly (for up to 40 sessions within a year).

Many coaching programs implement a "hierarchy" approach where the coach "holds" the client accountable to their goals.  In many ways, this will put the coach in a position of "boss" to the client.  We do not believe in this approach.  We follow the International Coaching Federation guidelines for coaching.

The coach and client meet weekly.  The guideline goal of this program is completely driven by the client.  However, it is typical for clients to double, or even triple, their production within the first year of the coaching program.

Transformational Coaching

Our Transformational Coaching program is designed for anyone (in or out of the real estate industry) who wants to truly transform their lives.

We take a holistic approach in coaching each client.  We cover a wide range of topics including mindset, balance, relationships, personal power, and life purpose. These could relate to the clients business, profession, personal life, or any other realm of the whole person.

The role of the coach is one of support and exploration.  We provide a safe space for the client to uncover and transform the things in his/her  life that are not serving them as well as those things that give the greatest meaning to the client as a whole.

Each session is directed by the client.  The coach and client typically meet bi-weekly.  However, the meeting schedule is flexible to the needs of the client, and may consist of weekly meetings, monthly meetings, or on an as needed basis.

Contact us to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION to discuss which of these programs may be right for you.

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