12 Weeks to Breakthrough

Whether you have been in the real estate industry for 12 months, 12 years, or even longer, one of the most common challenges agents face is "figuring out" where to get the training, coaching, systems, processes, tools, and technology to help them grow their businesses.  There is simply a ton of guesswork involved.  

Then, if the things they have been trying don't work, they spend loads of time blaming themselves for not doing better, knowing more, or being more disciplined.  We hear this every single day!

That's why 12 WEEKS TO BREAKTHOUGH was developed.  To be a place where agents, just like you, can have one program, that includes in-depth training, one-on-one coaching, and the systems, processes, and tools to help you build a great business and an extraordinary life.


Your Strategy Session with our Head Coach and Owner, Kole Finley, is all about YOU.  You will discuss your business - what is working great, your biggest challenges, your goals, and your vision for the future.  She will help you gain insight into what may be holding you back from achieving the success you desire.  This is a completely confidential conversation (taking place on Zoom) where you can be as open as you like with your goals and you future.  Kole's passion is to help agents create Massive Breakthrough in their businesses.  If it make sense to go deeper and see how our programs will benefit you, Kole will be delighted to discuss how 12 Weeks to Breakthrough could help you achieve your BREAKTHROUGH.


The course covers things like -

🟪 MINDSET:  Creating the mindset for massive breakthrough

🟪 MONEY:  Understanding your numbers and how to use them to make business decisions

🟪 CLIENT ACQUISIION: Old School vs. New School in a new millennium

🟪 CLIENT EXPERIENCE: Creating a 10X client experience to create clients for life

🟪 VALUE:  Articulating your value to clients to win every time

🟪 TIME:  Creating Strategy and Action Plans to take complete control of your time and productivity

🟪 OPERATIONS:  Putting systems and processes in place to help build your team and grow

🟪 GROWTH PLAN:  Creating a plan to ensure you continue to grow after the program

🟪 PATH OF MONEY:  Building wealth – understanding how to help your money make money




Meeting with your coach once a week to help you deepen your understanding of what you learned and then help you apply it to your specific business. (Our coaches are highly experienced and each still runs a very powerful real estate practice.)



We also have a live class twice a month inside our Facebook Group where we bring in some of the top trainers on a given topic. They cover such things as social media strategies, wealth building, business operations, negotiations, mindset, etc.



This private Facebook group is where we will be having higher level conversations with our 12 Weeks to Breakthrough clients. Not only will you be getting additional support on a weekly basis, but you’ll also be able to network with people at the top of their game in life.



The coaching doesn’t have to stop after the program. You can sign up for Performance Coaching to continue to learn and grow.



For those who move on to our Performance Coaching program will continue to have full access to our 12 Weeks to Breakthrough training platform.

Contact us to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION to discuss your business, your goals, your gaps and your future.

Let's take a deeper dive into the 12 Weeks to Breakthrough Program.  

To learn how this can program can apply to your business and create a breakthrough for you, schedule your Strategy Session with Kole Finley today.

Module 1 - Orientation

In this module, you will be acclimated to the program, your relationship with your coach, and introduced to the models of success for the program.

Module 2 - Mindset

In real estate, our mindset can be our best friend or our worst enemy.  In this module, you will begin to uncover the parts of your mindset that make you successful and those that create challenges in your life.

Module 3 - Know Your Numbers

In this module, you will discover what it truly means to "know your numbers" and create your Path to Profit.

Module 4 -  Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition is so much more than traditional Lead Generation.  In this module you will learn a whole new take on finding clients.

Module 5 - The Client Experience

Creating clients for life is the ultimate goal of any real estate agent. In this module, you will learn how to create such an impactful experience for your clients that they become referral partners and clients for life.

Module 6 - Your Value

Many agents struggle with how to articulate their value to potential clients.  This is especially true when they are in competition for a listing or a buyer.  In this module, you will learn how to articulate your value with the client.

Module 7 - Time

Perhaps the biggest challenge experienced agents have is taking control of their time.  In this module, you will learn the importance of creating plans to keep your business steady, predictable, and repeatable.

Module 8 - Operations

Client Acquisition is the fuel to your business - and operations is the engine.  Having comprehensive operations systems, plans, and documentation will be the foundation of your long term success.

Module 9 - Gaps

Once you've determined your client acquisition, your client experience, your value, your strategy and action plans, and your operations, it will be time to review these processes and see if you have any remaining gaps.

Module 10 - Growth Plan

In this module, you will use the gaps you identified and your future goals to create your plan for continued growth.

Module 11 - The Path of Money

You work for yourself.  You may even have a team.  You have streams of income from the commissions you and your team earn.  Yet, does your money make money, even when you are sleeping?  Are you building wealth through "passive income"?  

Module 12 - Next Steps

Now that you have come to the end of your 12 Weeks to Breakthrough, the time has come to discover the "next logical steps" in your journey.  How will you continue to create breakthroughs in your life and your business?

Contact us to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY SESSION to discuss your business, your goals, your gaps and your future.

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