Here's what some of the most recent graduates of the EliteAgent Academy programs are saying.

Diana Ybarra and Kole Finley Final 051023.mp4

Diana Ybarra

30+ Year Real Estate Veteran, $15,000,000 Producer

Shane Cooper-Blissett Testimonial with CC 134122.mp4

Shane Cooper-Blissett

Realtor, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader

Sonia Wright with CC 041023 Final.mp4

Sonia Wright

Branch Manager, Managing Broker, Team Rainmaker

Kalviniy and Nathan Testimonial with CC.mp4

Nathan West and Kalviny Man

$5,000,000 Producers, Realtors

Tammie Mabry $20M Producer with CC.mp4

Tammie Mabry

$20,000,000 Producer, Realtor

Trena Kupper $15M Producer with CC.mp4

Trena Kupper

$15,000,000 Producer, Realtor, and now Coach with Finley-RE

Pam Doran with CC Final 0418.mp4

Pam Doran

$7,000,000 Producer, Licensed in Two States

Heather Ramos 011623.mp4

Heather Ramos

$4,000,000 Producer, Realtor

Robert Dagon Testimonial with CC 013123.mp4

Robert Dagon

Dual Career Agent, Re-Launching His Business

Here's more of what people have said about the coaching and training programs with Kole Finley and Finley-RE

(12 Weeks to Mastery* and Open House Mastery** are former courses designed and facilitated by Kole.)

Brian Pham

Realtor, Commercial and Residential Investor

"Kole has been the main reason for success in this industry. When I got in the business 8 years ago as a brand new agent, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be coached and taught by Kole. She ensured that if I put in the work and truly wanted to succeed in this business, that she wouldn't let me fail. Here we are, 7 years later and I couldn't be more proud of the business I'm doing and the life that I'm living."

Guriqbal "Guru" Singh

Commercial Specialist, Investor

"What a great personality! I was very surprised how quickly she learns and adapts - Lightening speed!! She is always on top of her game and means business. Her knowledge in regards to systems, tools is extraordinary. She will encourage you to try things that you haven't tried before. She is a great teacher and I hope to keep learning for her in the future."

Thai Nguyen

Mega Team Rainmaker, Social Influencer, Real Estate Investor

"Kole passions shines when she teaches. A natural leader and giver at all times. Her knowledge of systems, tools and unique ideas pushes us out of our comfort-zone. She has helped push me and my team to the next level and we are so grateful to have her guide and lead us. If you are lacking in leadership, training, tools, systems and most importantly mindset. You owe it to yourself to connect with Kole. She will open up your world to new possibilities." 

Bradley Hanson

Mega Team Rainmaker, Realtor

"As a newly licensed realtor, (in 2017) my success was directly dependent on the training and support I received in my workplace. Kole was brilliant in helping me bridge the gap between my real estate education and the realities of working directly with the public, making sure that I always knew what to expect and how to best serve my clients. Kole is consistently available to help, and is always sincerely excited about my success. Her commitment instills an energy and drive within myself to always put my strongest foot forward so that I might make her proud. Working with Kole has been truly amazing, and I am forever thankful for the knowledge and guidance she freely offers to those near her." 

Charice Ransom

Realtor, 55+ Specialist

"I drew the "Golden Ticket" when I was offered the opportunity to coach with Kole! With Kole's knowledge, guidance, and encouragement I was able to attain every one of my year end goals .I was part of a large group of agents who had the privilege of taking Kole's Open House Mastery** class, what a game changer! To this day we still reflect back on how this class elevated our open houses, and increased our leads from the open house.....Highly recommend! Kole's natural leadership skills, and positive energy are like no other. Her love and passion for coaching and training is palpable!"

Luke Parker and Amanda Volin

Supter-Team, Residential Resale Specialists, Realtors

"[We] just finished taking Kole's 12 Weeks to Mastery* class and we are absolutely mind blown. Honestly, we learned so much, I hated to see it end. Not only did she break me back down to my basics and reteach me the fundamentals, but she took me to a place of growth to further my business.  Besides the learning aspect of it, we got to meet other agents from our own office and developed a camaraderie just by being ourselves. I would highly recommend this class and to be taught by Kole to any agent who wants to grow, learn systems and dive deep into the tools available to them." 

Joyce Roderick

Realtor, Real Estate Coach, Transaction Coordinator

"Kole is one of the best coaches I've ever met. She is always upbeat and positive while delivering a wealth of information. She engages with her clients in a way that allows them to self discover instead of being told the answers to their questions. Her Open House Mastery** class was so well received by our agents. She helped them to think about their own presentations in a way that they hadn't thought of before. Learning to present yourself as a confident agent is key to success in our industry and Kole is one of the best at this. Her understanding of human behavior enables her to share her insights with her clients which enables the clients to understand themselves on a higher level which in turn helps them to understand their own clients at a higher level. Words matter and Kole is an expert at using the right words." 

Jule Gunn

Realtor, Residential Resale and Luxury Specialist

"Kole's motivation and guidance has taken my business to the next level. I'm inspired by her and how she creates an environment that agents thrive in!

Kole knows how to motivate, coach and support with her positive approach to our business. Its a "YOU ARE DOING IT" attitude not a can do. So grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Kole for all of the positive guidance, I know I am a successful agent because of you!!"

John Jurjevich

Realtor, Team Buyer's Agent

"I've been in sales all my adult life. Throughout my career I've been exposed to countless coaches, trainers, and mentors. The moment I met Kole I realized how mediocre most of those other experiences were. Kole has a vast amount of experience in real estate and an impressive amount of training in adult education making her a very effective coach. What makes her an extraordinary coach is her humanity. Kole has lived the life of a realtor. She's faced the challenges of changing markets, crippling economic conditions, and personal challenges. Kole doesn't coach from theory alone, she coaches from theory tempered with practical experience. Simply put, Kole is a superstar coach."

Jan Parkmann

Residential Resale Specialist

"Kole is an outstanding coach, an excellent sales negotiator, and closer. Her coaching program is not just another coaching program. This cutting edge training provides not just the proven blueprint, but can be instantaneously implemented directly in the field. It is a results driven program that in one word simply delivers. To top it all, Kole is always encouraging and provides valuable feedback so one can grow. She is extremely professional, encouraging, and always responds very quickly to any questions or needed advice."

Holly Parrott

Realtor, Residential Resale Specialist

"Great, LOVED it!! I gained TONS of value from this class*. It motivated me to think about running my business in a more pragmatic way. Kole inspires, asking questions to help you better understand, think & ask yourself some critical questions; the who, what when, where, how & why to running your business."  

Laurie Strickland

Realtor, Residential Resale Specialist

"I recently have taken the 12 week to Mastery* course with Kole and done some one on one monthly coaching. Kole is simply awesome the course content was great, we stayed on track, had a lot of interaction within the group and she was great at really helping us dive a little deeper within ourself and our business. When I began the class and my monthly coaching call with Kole I felt paralyzed, unmotivated, not knowing what direction I wanted to go and Thanks to Kole she has really helped me chunk things down into bite size pieces and I really feel better about myself and my business. Thank you so much Kole you have made a difference!" 

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